How to submit an image

1. Prepare your images and export them in JPG format, SRGB colour space, sized as 1620 wide x 1080 high as maximum dimensions.

  • Do not add a watermark - It will be disqualified.
  • Metadata can be included or stripped out, your choice. If the Title is included in your metadata, it will be used automatically.
  • Try to make the title match what you are expressing in the photo.

2. Go to the Club website

  • Ensure you are logged in if not click on the Login button at top right
  • Enter your username (generally your email address) and your password, and click Login to continue.
  • If you have forgotten you password you can reset this by clicking on the Reset Password button and following the prompts. 

3. From the menu, select Competitions and then Submit Images to Competition.

  • This will show you a list of the competitions you can submit to.
  • This list is ordered by the date of the results NOT the order they close. Click on the words Close Date/Time to reorder the list by closing date.

4. Click on the Select button to choose the competition you want.

5. On the next page, click on the button Upload Images into Competition. If you have already uploaded the images and they are in your library, you can select Add images from my library, you will then be taken to a page that allows you to search for your images to select.

For the rest of this tutorial I am assuming you have selected Upload Images into Competition.

6. Click on the Select button near the end of the page. This will open a browser window for you to find and select the image you want to upload from your computer.

  • Wait until the orange indicator beside each file turns green, indicating that the file has been uploaded successfully.

7. Once all indicators are green, click on Save Images and Proceed to Edit Page where the image you just uploaded will be displayed.

  • The title will default from your meta data or your filename, but you can change that now.
  • You can fill in some extra information if you want or need to:
    • Tick the Delete checkbox if you realise you uploaded the wrong file
    • Tick the Skip checkbox if you uploaded the wrong file for this competition but want to keep it in your Image Library
    • Tick the Genuine Wildlife checkbox if this image meets the Nature criteria for Wildlife (undomesticated, unrestrained, not materially altered etc)
    • Un-tick the Allow Public Display checkbox (blue means ticked) if you do not want your image displayed on galleries open to the public. They will still be included in finals night presentations.
    • In the Authors Image ID you can enter information to help you locate the original file in your collection.
    • The EXIF information is displayed from your file but is not shown to the judge. If you don’t want this information held in the database, remove it from your file (in Lightroom File Export set the Metadata Include field to Copyright Only)

When you are done, click the button Save any changes and return to the original page which confirms the image you have entered and if you are able to enter any additional images. 


Congratulations you have now entered your image into the competition. If this image is for a print competition you can select the Print labels for print submissions to go along with your prints or simply click Return to competition list to go back to the competitions page. 

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