CPS Field Trips

CPS runs several weekend field trips each year. These generally run Friday evening through until Sunday morning, staying in holiday houses or lodges. There is power, cooking equipment and generally shared bedrooms – sometimes individual, sometimes bunkrooms. The trip organiser will have a rough itinerary of places to visit, things to see etc. though these are often subject to the weather, differing degrees of fitness, vehicle access and so forth.

The trips are effectively run to cover costs and as such there are a few basic ‘rules’ we’d appreciate you read and follow.

Please use the online (website) registration system to add your name to the field trip. Putting your name on the signup sheet is a firm commitment to going – please check the dates before you sign up. Your bed is confirmed when CPS receives payment via online banking (or cash to the treasurer – Alan Moore)

The trips generally include accommodation, but if it’s full or you would prefer to book somewhere yourself, you’re still more than welcome to come along and participate in all the activities – you don’t need to pay the trip cost, but please tell the organiser you’re coming so they can keep you informed and keep tabs on who is where!

Once all beds are filled we will add names to a 'reserves' list – the organiser will get in touch if a space becomes available or more accommodation is booked. Everyone who goes on the trip is a participant, it’s a social occasion - there is no formal tuition and generally everyone is happy to help, offer suggestions and listen to advice, so please remember this; have fun, help out as required, do your washing up etc and it’ll be easier all round!

If you are attending one of our field trips please see our Health and Safety Policy

2018 Field Trips

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